Weekly Recommendations – Competition

This week I have a special set of recommendations for you. I’ve always loved competitive games, even if I’m not the type to really get hyper-competitive about them. And, I’ve always been interested in Trading Card Games (TCGs). Back in the day I even played the World of Warcraft TCG, although Winnipeg never had much of a scene for it, even at its prime. These recommendations are in honour of competition with a little special surprise at the end.

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Gallery Showcase – Ai-Kon 2014 Persona Photoshoot

Hello everyone! There has been a bit of a delay due to some pretty severe con-flu in getting these pictures processed… but the photoshoot I did with some Persona cosplayers is ready and posted. If you’re looking, you can check out the full gallery here. But here are a few of my favourites.

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Kanojo ga Flag wo Oreretara – What The Flag?

Kanojo ga Flag wo Oreratara, or ‘If Her Flag Breaks’, is a very, very strange show. The running theme of the show is that people have little flags that appear atop their head indicating something significant is about to happen in their lives. Whether that be something simple like an upcoming friendship or romance, or more serious like their death… every significant event has a flag. Most people aren’t able to see these flags, but somehow our main character, Hatate Souta, has the ability to not only see them but understand instinctively how to break them, changing that person’s future.

Due to a tragic past, he uses this ability to scare off anyone who tries to become close to him. As I’m sure you can imagine… this unique ability of his could easily be used to create a harem for himself. Surely that’s not the direction an anime would take it though, right?

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Weekly Recommendations – Cheerbringers

This week I want to recommend some stuff you can partake of if you need to cheer yourself up… for those of you who could use a bit of a pick me up. These are the games, anime, and books I fall back on when I’m feeling a bit down.

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Black Bullet – Child Soldiers

In the near future… massive, infectious monsters called Gastrea are rampaging around the world. Humanity has discovered that a metal called Varanium can both hurt and deter these Gastrea. They use this to create sanctuaries surrounded by giant Varanium monoliths where life can go on.

These Gastrea were once humans and, upon being infected by the Gastrea virus, quickly became monsters. In rare cases, a woman with child who became infected would pass the infection on to the child in stead – children born this way had incredible physical capabilities and an unnaturally high tolerance for the virus. These little girls become known as ‘the Cursed Children’ and quickly become humanity’s only hope for defeating these monsters.

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