Shadow’s Six – Anime That Deserve To Be Continued

I’m sure we’ve all had anime that we watched and were so disappointed when they ended. Those anime that were either so good that you just wish they’d keep going or that ended on such a good cliffhanger that you were just left wanting so much more.

Well today I’d like to count down the six anime that need to be continued… the six shows that deserve more the most. When deciding titles for this list, because there are so many good anime that I’d love to see more of, I tried to focus more on their potential for future content rather than simply how good the show itself was.

There are some amazing shows out there that, while they certainly could keep going, it’s hard to say whether continuing would be more awesome or whether they’d just sour what we already loved. So I tried to eliminate those and focus on the shows that would benefit the most from a sequel rather than simply great shows that could happen to get one.

Sorry Sabagebu, HaNaYaMaTa… I love you but I’m happy with where you ended!

Warning: As always with these lists, minor Spoilers for each of the shows may be contained within this article. Read on at your own peril!

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Monthly Recommendations – Like a Flower

When I think May, a few things come to mind… of course, my wife’s birthday is first on that list. But other than that, May is when the city actually starts to look presentable after an all-too long Winter. Plants start to grow, the world becomes a bit greener, the sun shines a little brighter, and the rain starts to clean all the grime from the streets. This is the start of my favourite time of the year to just look around and enjoy.

So, in honour of that, here are some great shows and games to just sit back and take a good, long look at. Here are the most beautiful you’ll find. Sit back, unwind, and enjoy the view. Because it’s going to be good.

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World Break: Aria of Curse for a Holy Swordsman – Split Decision

CoverWorld Break: Aria of Curse for a Holy Swordsman, hereafter referred to as World Break to save us all the frustration of the awkwardly long full name, is yet another alternate Earth fantasy anime. In World Break, creatures known as Metaphysicals appear out of nowhere and wreak havoc on the world. To fight them, the world recruits people known as Saviors – people who can draw power from a connection to a past life.

Saviors typically have a connection to one past life, and are able to generate a form of energy known as Plana to both protect them and augment them. There are two varieties of Savior – dark magic users known as Kuroma¬†and holy swordsmen known as Shirogane. Very rarely, a Savior capable of performing both appears, due to a connection to multiple past lives. These Saviors are known as ‘Ancient Dragons’.

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Outland – Red vs Blue

Outland came out in 2011 and didn’t receive much attention despite critical praise from all corners. Developed by Housemarque and published by Ubisoft, Outland was one of the games in the recent resurgence of the Metroidvania subgenre.

In Outland, two Goddesses – one light, one dark – created the world long ago. Circumstances drove them to wish to see it remade but a hero intervened, stopping them and imprisoning them within their temple. Many years have passed, their ire for the world has grown in their captivity… and now they seek to break free of their temple so they can once again unmake the world.

Outland Cover

A man, ill and weary, seeks help from an elder and begins a quest that leads him to stumble upon the remnants of the ancient hero’s spirit. The spirit then merges with his body and he is empowered and his quest changes from one of self-preservation to an attempt to save the world.
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Blade’s Edge Update – May

Hard to believe April is already over. Where has the time gone… so I got some of the things I wanted accomplished this month. I got most of my Winter Anime blitz posted, with the second last review for Isuca going up yesterday. The new format for weekly recommendations has been working well, with my new Your Song in April recommendations concluding this past Monday.

I have been streaming Omega Quintet these past few days, and having a blast doing so – it looks like it is likely to continue for at least the rest of this week so please stop by and check it out! I also finished Final Fantasy XIII-2 on stream, and started both Record of Agarest War Zero and Dust: An Elysian Trail which will continue at a later date. Sadly, I didn’t get to play War for the Overworld since the non-Steam version hasn’t been released yet, and Mighty No 9 was delayed to September.

Due to circumstances at work, I may not have as much time to write as I did previously for the next month or two, but I should still be able to keep a good pace going. This will likely keep going into mid-June, but after that hopefully we’ll be able to get back to normal. But now that April is behind us… what’s next?

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