Plastic Memories – Smile Through The Tears

Giftias – Androids, made by SAI Corp, that look, act, and feel like humans complete with real personalities, emotions and memories – have a lifespan of 81920 hours. Giftias have become such a part of human society that they are everywhere: they are peoples’ friends, hired help, and even surrogate parents in some circumstances. Once their roughly 9 and a third years are done, they don’t die… they begin to deteriorate, losing their memories, their personalities, and their restraint. In other words, they go crazy, becoming violent and dangerous.

SAI’s Terminal Services department has the unpleasant task of retrieving these Giftias before that happens and erasing their memories so they can be upgraded for later use. They have to convince the owner to give their consent, and they always do the memory erasure in front of them – afterall, these androids have very personal information contained within those memories. Our protagonist, Tsukasa, is a new employee at SAI Terminal Service No. 1. He is assigned the Giftia Isla as his partner and, naturally, he swiftly develops strong feelings for her.

What he doesn’t know is that Isla only has around 2 months left before she, herself, will need to be retrieved…

Ferris Wheel
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Blade’s Edge Update – July

Happy Canada Day everyone!

First I have to apologize. I was hoping to get more done during June, but some important matters came up that I had to attend to that occupied my mind for a week or two and got in the way of my writing, sleep, and everything else. Additionally, work has been ridiculously busy – I’m actually working 6 days next week, for example – thanks to the weather. Hopefully that will be cleared up soon, as I have a lot of content to write over the coming weeks. But despite the sparse content, you guys made this the third busiest month I’ve ever had so thank you so very much for that. You guys are all the best.

But June is over now, and we’re entering July. The summer lull in gaming continues, spring’s anime season is ending, and the summer one is about to begin…

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AMV Spotlight – Melody of My Life by 0kamiRvS

Your Lie in April was a show that chronicled the progress of someone coping with childhood trauma through music. To me its greatest strengths were the hopeful overtones seen through the depression, and the incredible art direction and animation.

Youtube user 0kamiRvS has captured those facets in a way that is hard to explain. So rather than trying to, I’ll just show it to you.

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Monthly Recommendations – Passing the Time

June has arrived and… well that means we’ll all have a lot of time to pass before anything interesting comes out. So that’s what we’re offering for you this month: the best games and anime to eat up huge portions of your month.

Lina Inverse
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Shadow’s Six – Best Moments in Trinity Seven

Trinity Seven… the harem anime to end all harem anime. I raved about this show when I reviewed it, and even going back and watching it again… it still holds up. It had some of the best humour I’ve ever seen, a plethora of amazing fight scenes, and some fantastic characters. This show was good all around, but the two parts that impressed me the most about it – and made it have appeal that extends beyond fans of harem anime – were the magic system and how self-aware it was about what it was. It knew its strongest points, and it made great use of them to create both an amazing fantasy story and the best and most satisfying harem anime I’ve ever seen.

And Trinity Seven is the show that I would like to tackle with my next Shadow’s Six list, a daunting task as you can imagine. How could I possibly narrow this show down to six amazing moments? Sure it was only a single season long but every episode was packed full of awesomeness. When first brainstorming about what the best moments were… the first episode of the show had THREE amazing scenes that we were debating, for example. So, let’s get to it… the best scenes of Trinity Seven!

MAJOR spoilers behind the cut – do not proceed if you do not wish to be spoiled.

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