Nagi No Asakura – Against The Flow

Nagi No Asakura tells the story of an alternate Earth… one in which humanity originated from the Oceans, possessing an outer layer of skin known as ‘Ena’ that enables them to function underwater. Some time long before our story takes place, humans who longed for the surface shed this layer and began life on land, still paying homage to the Sea God. As our story begins, those still living underwater and those who live on land have begun to become somewhat estranged, and many of those on land no longer revere the Sea God.

As we enter, our four main characters have had their school closed and are forced to attend school on the surface despite living in the sea. This event is, of course, the catalyst behind the entire story.

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Diablo 3: Reaper of Souls Impressions

Diablo 3′s first expansion, Reaper of Souls, has arrived along with promises of it fixing Diablo 3′s myriad problems. From a lack of customization, a wide variety of failures in the loot system, a shallow end game, as well as awkward writing and bad comic-book villains… Diablo 3 was a game surviving solely on reputation and well designed game mechanics.

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Blade’s Edge Update – April Edition

Writing during the past weekend was a bit difficult, so I’m a little behind on a few things. Most notably, this article! But let’s get started, shall we? After a rather hectic last few weeks of March, we’re moving into another fairly quiet month.

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Kill la Kill – Dressed for the Occasion

kill-la-kill-coverI know I’m a bit late in talking about this one, but I wasn’t able to watch it for a while. Having finally watched all 12 episodes of the first arc of Kill la Kill, I’m struggling to write a review of a show that is this unique. Kill la Kill stares Ryuko Matoi, a young lady who is a bit of a delinquent. She comes home to see her father murdered and goes on a search to find the murderer - recognizable because half of the weapon used to kill him, a giant pair of scissors, was left behind. Her search leads her to Honnouji Academy, a school that is controlled in virtually every way by the student council led by Satsuki Kiryuin.

It’s a fairly straightforward premise, but nothing else about this show is. Kill la Kill uses absurdity and a rather crude take on humour to provide commentary on several very interesting and intelligent issues, but never in a straightforward enough way as to feel controversial. It isn’t breaking any new ground, but it’s still very interesting to such an interesting way of exploring these issues. It reminds me a lot of Angel Beats except with a much broader reach.
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Infamous: Second Son – Style Over Substance

The Infamous series hasn’t been around for the longest time, but it’s been one that I have been a huge fan of for quite a while. The games did so many things so well that I’ve been extremely eager for Sucker Punch to take their first step into the new generation. Second Son is that attempt.

Moving forward 7 years after the end of Infamous 2, starring a new protagonist, and only featuring a few touches that hearken back to the original stories… in a way, it’s more of a reboot than a sequel – a good decision to avoid alienating people unfortunate enough to have missed the first games. Second Son follows Delsin, a young man with more than his fair share of rebelliousness and his brother Reggie, who is the local Sheriff. The game opens in a tutorial section set in a rural town home to the fictional Akomish tribe which introduces you to the characters and gives you a bit of insight into the world as it is in Second Son.  [Read more...]