Saekano: How to Raise a Boring Girlfriend – Anime 101

Saekano: How to Raise a Boring Girlfriend – or more properly ‘How to Train an Ordinary Girl to be a Heroine’ – is about an extreme otaku named Tomoya Aki. He runs a popular anime/manga review blog, he’s awkward around women, and he dreams of one day creating the ultimate dating sim. This is where Saekano picks up.

He’s just been struck with his inspiration, his muse if you will, when he notices Megumi Kato standing atop a hill and now he just has to gather together his perfect team (artist, writer, musician, etc.) to create his dream game. And it just so happens that he’s known people perfect for each of these roles for years…

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Monthly Recommendations – Your Song in April

You may have noticed that just yesterday I posted my review of the second half of Your Lie in April, a show that featured some of the best music I’ve ever heard. So we’re going to have a month of musical masterpieces for you all to appreciate.

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Unlimited Fafnir – The Life of a D

In Unlimited Fafnir, we have a world that has been attacked by dragons – monstrous beasts with powers that humanity simply cannot deal with. These dragons have caused rampant destruction, and things look grim.

But then, humanity discovers girls who share those powers. These girls, known as the D Girls or sometimes simply the D’s, have the ability to manipulate dark matter and create magical weaponry with it that can be used to fight the dragons. There is a risk though… for each of these girls is matched to a specific dragon, and if the dragon touches her she will become the same type of dragon.

I say girls, because the Ds have always been female… except, of course, our protagonist Yu Mononobe. He is the world’s only male D, and yes, before you ask it is extraordinarily difficult to avoid making a pun every time that comes up.

Mononobe Yuu & Iris Freyja
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KanColle – Sinking Ship

Kantai Collection – the popular browser game about Fleet Girls, girls who are supposed to possess the souls (and weaponry) of historical warships – has received an anime adaptation which has just completed its maiden voyage.

This maiden voyage focused on Light Destroyer Fubuki, a timid but earnest girl who just wants to be given the chance to fight. Never adept at the physical aspect of her role, she wasn’t permitted off the base while at her previous home… but now she’s been transferred to a new base of operations and the Admiral – a faceless figure meant to represent the person playing the game – seems to have plans for her. But how could he possibly expect anything out of this clumsy, seemingly useless girl?

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Your Lie in April Update – Blooming Hope

I don’t often do review updates, unless there is a major shift in the tone and themes of the show. Your Lie in April is one such, with the very first episode after I posted my previous review showing almost a complete 180 in tone. The show started out as a slowly building love story – a very traditional romance that just happened to take place between two musicians. What it became, however, was a whole different beast.

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