Big Order – Would You Like World Domination With That?

What if peoples’ wishes started coming true? A loaded question. People often say that wishes can come true… but what if it was really the case – and not just for one person, but for a great many? What would happen when those wishes were in conflict, what would happen if someone’s wish was too much for them to handle?

That’s where Big Order picks up. The world has just undergone a calamitous disaster as an innocent child’s wish to dominate the world to make sure their family stays together goes wrong… millions are dead, cities have been destroyed, and the world is struggling to recover from this. Nobody’s quite sure how it came to pass, save that an ‘Order’, a person who has been granted a power based off of their deepest wish, is behind it and is still alive, as far as anyone can tell.


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Ai-Kon 2016 Post-Show Feedback

It’s time to bid farewell to another Ai-Kon. This was Ai-Kon’s 15th anniversary… an impressive feat for a convention in such a small city. But what is more impressive is that Ai-Kon has grown so much. Looking from last year to this year, it almost seems as though the size of the convention centre may have been the only thing previously holding it back. This year’s event showed almost explosive growth… but has it grown too quickly?


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Hundred – Monster High!

In Hundred, the world has suffered untold calamity at the hands of some unknown force, and only magically imbued High School students possess the power to fight them using the mysterious weapons after which the show is named!


Ya, I know, you’ve heard the story before. You’ve probably even heard the version where our protagonist was wounded as a child by this ‘unknown force’ and, as a result, possesses an even greater power than normal to fight them. Hell, you’ve probably even heard the version where this person shows up and on his first day of school immediately develops a harem(including, of course, his sister) due to his high entrance scores, his good looks, and his past history with several characters. It wouldn’t even surprise me if you’ve heard the version where the protagonist faces the school’s top student in a duel before he’s even had his first day of classes…

So, given that you’ve already heard it all before… why watch Hundred?

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Kiznaiver – The Ties That Bind

Kiznaiver is the result of a pairing between Crunchyroll and Trigger. If you don’t recall who Trigger are, they’re the deranged minds that brought to us the glories of Kill la Kill. And they even brought the creepy twin-tailed girl back, but made her less evil… well, maybe. Given that, there are two things we can be sure of: Kiznaiver will be crazy, and its art style will be very unique.

"To think that someone would still call me eccentric!"

“To think that someone would still call me eccentric!”

Kiznaiver is about a group of High School students who are – against their will – bound together and forced to endure each other’s pain, among other strong sensations.  They find out that this has, apparently, been orchestrated by one of their classmates, Sonozaki Noriko. Noriko claims that the bond that has been forced upon them is an experiment to help bring about world peace by fostering connections through shared pain and suffering. A lofty goal, a strange method, and a weird premise: how much of any of these can we trust?

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Atelier Sophie: The Alchemist of the Mysterious Book – Jumbled Pages

With Atelier Shallie: Alchemists of the Dusk Sea, we closed out an arc… finishing the Dusk trilogy on an extremely high note and leaving Gust the opportunity to take the series in a different direction…

Enter Sophie, a struggling novice alchemist trying to follow in her late grandmother’s footsteps. Frequently blowing up her poor house, people don’t trust her skills much so she is surprised when even Monika, one of her childhood friends, asks Sophie to make medicine. Sophie scrounges to remember how to make this ointment which she’d seen her grandmother make before.


Upon its successful creation, she writes the recipe in a strange, nearly empty recipe book she’d found during her search and then goes off to deliver the ointment to its intended recipient. After handing it off, she returns home to find that this book is not a mere book… Not only can it fly, but it also has a name – Plachta – and can talk with her. And that is where our strange story begins…

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