Revisiting: Tales of Xillia (PS3)

Tales of Xillia was a fantastic JRPG that I had a lot of good to say about when I first played it, so it’s no surprise that it made an appearance on my stream over the past month. As a followup to what was an eventful and enjoyable stream, I’ve decided to do a secondary review of the game as to how it was as an experience for me to stream, as well as touching on how the game felt for a second playthrough.

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Weekly Recommendations – Not for Everyone

This day and age, with all of the talk of ‘mass appeal’ and the constant discussion of sales/viewership numbers…. it can be hard to find games or anime that don’t make concessions for that. Ones that are unwilling to sway from vision for the sake of increasing sales numbers or broadening their audience. So when you find one that is so pure in vision… it deserves recognition. Today I’m going to recommend a few that fit that bill…. these may not be the perfect shows and games for everyone, but if you’re who they’re aimed towards, you can bet they’ll be perfect for you.

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Trinity Seven – Honesty is the Best Policy

This season has had quite a few harem anime… some less obvious about it than others. But none that I’ve watched this season, or really ever before, have embraced this genre quite like Trinity Seven.

Trinity Seven stars Arata Kasuga, a perverted young man with incredible magic potential. At the start of our story he’s living with his cousin Hijiri, and while walking to school with her he notices the sun is black. While wondering at that, since it seems strange to him, a strange girl walks by and tells him he to wake up or she’ll kill him. Stranger still… she disappears and Hijiri didn’t seem to see anything…

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Your Lie in April – Music From the Soul

Brace yourself, we have another high school romance ahead of us. As you might expect, it stars “shy, reserved main character”, also known as Kōsei Arima, with his best friends “girl who likes him but hasn’t said anything” and “jock who gets all the ladies” – Tsubaki Sawabe and Ryōta Watari respectively - and the love interest Kaori Miyazono: “gorgeous girl who is perfect for main character but quickly enters a relationship with jock who gets all the ladies”. And, as you might also expect, circumstances give Miyazono the worst possible first impression of Arima. Now that we’ve gotten that out-of-the-way, let’s be serious here…

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Le Fruit de la Grisaia – Sweet and Sour

One of the anime I was excited for this season was The Fruit of Grisaia, or more technically ‘Le Fruit de la Grisaia’ – for some reason they decided random French was the way to go. This anime’s description hints at a harem anime, but some little elements within the description caught my attention. It’s hard to say specifically what it was, but something made me confident this show was going to be special.

The basic premise is that the main character has asked to be given the chance at a normal school life – what his life has been up until now, the show keeps a secret for quite a while. He shows up at this specialized school with a very small student list – only 6 other students, all females of different ages, who are all in the same class. It is implied from the start that everyone there has reasons for being isolated, for being at this small, unique school. [Read more...]