Konosuba – Goddess Blessing on this Wacky Show

Kazuma Sato, a teenage boy who has been a shut-in for years, makes the decision to leave home to go buy something. Things immediately go horribly wrong for him, as he sees what he believes to be a girl about to be hit by a truck and tries to save her. After pushing her out of the way, he goes into shock thinking he’s going to be hit himself and dies.

When he wakes up, he is in a magical-looking place. He is sitting on a chair with a pretty girl in elaborate garb in front of him who claims to be a Goddess named Aqua. She tells him he’s died, and mocks him for how stupid the way he died was, and then offers him the chance to go to an RPG-esque fantasy world and slay the oppressive Devil King, and he can take one thing with him – a magical artifact, a useful skill, anything. After being goaded and insulted some more, he decides to take Aqua herself with him, much to her chagrin.

When they arrive, their absurd and crazy adventure begins…


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Monthly Recommendations – Weird and Wonderful Weapons

This month, we have a lot of cool stuff coming… but there’s only one game coming this month that deserves to be the focus of recommendations: Ratchet and Clank.

Inomniac Games are notorious for creating exciting and fun games that tend to revolve around some of the most unique and amazing weapons. The arsenal present in the series has led me to offer games and anime with amazing armaments of their own to entertain and amuse you!

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The Shadow’s Sixty Countdown – Rank 48-43

In the last section of our Shadow’s Sixty countdown we crafted dungeons and bombs, we fought gods and demons, and we explored Seattle. Things are just getting even more exciting! Epic loot, ancient dungeons, explosions, an intriguing musical experience, and even the rise of the horror genre await you below… if you dare to look.

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Nights of Azure – Night on the Town

In the 11th century the Lord of the Night – a demonic entity who tried to drown the Earth in an eternal night from which no human would ever awaken – was defeated and sealed away by a human girl known as The First Saint. Upon his defeat, his blood showered the world, transforming whatever it touched into beings known as ‘Fiends’ – creatures that came out at night and threatened the people of this world. This battle took place above an island off the coast of Europe. Ever since its conclusion, this island’s existence has been kept secret from most of the world, as this is where the Fiends are now strongest.


Ever since then, every 10 years a new Saint is chosen by a pseudo-religious organization known as the Curia to be a sacrifice to renew the seal on the night. A guardian is also chosen – a warrior with close ties to the Saint – to protect her until she can reach the sacred altar upon this mysterious island where the sacrifice will be made. This guardian is given the title of Holy Knight and must train to be strong and loyal enough to protect the Saint through what is to come. Our protagonist, Arnice, is chosen to be the Holy Knight for the newest Saint, a long-time friend of hers by the name of Lylisse… and that is where Gust’s action RPG Nights of Azure begins in this alternate Earth, hundreds of years later.

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Aokana: Four Rhythm Across the Blue – Flying High

Sports anime are not my thing. I make no attempt to hide that. In fact, it’s usually a pretty safe bet that I won’t end up watching any sports anime that comes out. I’ve never been interested in real sports, so why would I be interested in an anime about something that already holds no interest for me? So how are we reviewing Aokana, which is essentially a sports anime?


There are two big factors to this. The first is that Flying Circus, Aokana’s sport of choice, is very little like real sports. It puts us into a very simple, elegant race between two athletes wearing special ‘grav-shoes’ which allow them to fly. Which leads us to the second reason… I’ve always been a huge bird fan, which should come as no surprise to anyone, and I’ve always both envied and loved the way that birds can just attain total freedom in the skies. There’s nothing quite as beautiful to me as a bird in flight through a clear sky.

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