Weekly Recommendations – Cheerbringers

This week I want to recommend some stuff you can partake of if you need to cheer yourself up… for those of you who could use a bit of a pick me up. These are the games, anime, and books I fall back on when I’m feeling a bit down.

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Black Bullet – Child Soldiers

In the near future… massive, infectious monsters called Gastrea are rampaging around the world. Humanity has discovered that a metal called Varanium can both hurt and deter these Gastrea. They use this to create sanctuaries surrounded by giant Varanium monoliths where life can go on.

These Gastrea were once humans and, upon being infected by the Gastrea virus, quickly became monsters. In rare cases, a woman with child who became infected would pass the infection on to the child in stead – children born this way had incredible physical capabilities and an unnaturally high tolerance for the virus. These little girls become known as ‘the Cursed Children’ and quickly become humanity’s only hope for defeating these monsters.

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Gallery Showcase – Ai-Kon 2014

So… as you may have guessed from my last post, I was at Ai-Kon all week. And aside from having a ton of fun, I also took over a thousand pictures over the course of the weekend. This means two things… first of all, it means that I underestimated the quantity of pictures I took – so getting through all of them is taking longer than I’d hoped. Secondly, it means that after we finish post-processing them all, there should be a few hundred pictures all told. The first of these galleries, which are just pictures of cosplayers I ran across while wandering around the convention, is available now and has just over 100 pictures.

I have a ton of pictures of the cosplay contest that we haven’t finished with yet, and I also attended a cosplay gathering with a bunch of Persona cosplayers, and got a number of pictures from that. These should be dealt with later this week – most likely starting Wednesday – but for now, please enjoy my Ai-Kon Cosplay 2014 gallery. And here are a few of my favourites from among that gallery.

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Ai-Kon 2014 Post-Show

Well, it’s Sunday and Ai-Kon’s closing ceremonies have concluded. There has been cosplay, there has been anime, there have been panels, and there has been much fun… but it’s over for another long, long year.

This year’s Ai-Kon appeared, from my perspective, to be the biggest yet. People were everywhere, every room I looked in had a decent crowd, and there were a ton of completely new things to do. It has been amazing to watch Ai-Kon grow each year since I started attending, under the loving and dedicated hands of the Ai-Kon Committee, led – up until today – by its president Lisa whose last year this was.

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Valiant Hearts: The Great War – War is Drudgery

Valiant Hearts is latest title Ubisoft has made using their ‘UbiArt Framework’ – previously used in Child of Light and recent Rayman titles such as Origins and Legends. Loosely based off of letters from World War 1, Valiant Hearts is a puzzle game that tells the story of 4 characters and their dog as they struggle to survive the Great War. Each of these characters have their own storylines that all intertwine throughout the war.

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