Monthly Recommendations – Let The Tears Fall

This month I’d like to clean your eyes for you. Everyone needs a good cry from time to time… whether they be happy tears or tears of sorrow, crying is refreshing. It helps to rejuvenate your emotions, even as it leaves your eyes itchy and unpleasant.

So, my recommendations for this month are going to focus on bringing out the tears to give you a good cry.

Ano Hana
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J-Stars Victory Vs+ – Messy Mashup

Have you ever wondered who would win if Luffy fought Ichigo? Or the ultimate battle of show offs: Joseph Joestar vs Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo? Or what would Sket Dance do backing up Goku in a fight? How hard does Chitoge slap?

Well, that’s where J-Stars comes in. It’s a mashup of many of Shonen Jump’s most well-known franchises in one epic 3-d fighting game. Welcome to Jump World, a land comprised of famous locations from these franchises. We have Alabasta, the Soul Society, Kame House, and dozens more locations waiting to be visited… and destroyed as you fight in the most epic tournament the anime universe has ever seen.

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Shadow’s Six: Best Anime of Winter/Spring 2015

Now that we’re finished the Spring anime review blitz, it’s time to rank the best shows of the Winter and Spring anime seasons. In Autumn and Summer, we had Trinity Seven, Sabagebu and HaNaYaMaTa taking the top spots while last year’s Spring and Winter had No Game No Life and The World is Still Beautiful in the top spots. What gems will this year’s Winter and Spring highlights showcase for us?

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Muses: Final Fantasy 7 Remake

It was only a short time ago that they announced, much to everyone’s surprise, that Final Fantasy 7 was getting a true remake. The announcement came coupled with a fantastic trailer that delivered an odd message, likely referring as much to the fans as to the gameworld itself. The trailer showcased Midgar, spoke of the reunion, and showed off a brief glimpse of Cloud and Barret.

But… can Final Fantasy 7’s success be reproduced? Because this isn’t a remaster, it’s not an up-res, it’s a remake. Change is coming, and I don’t think the meaning of that has set into a lot of people quite yet. While doing my Final Fantasy 7 stream, a lot of people, myself included, were asking questions like ‘how are they going to do this?’ or ‘I wonder how this will look in HD’… but that’s not what we’re getting. We don’t know how much, or how little, of what we remember of the original will actually make the cut. And that’s the part that has me so excited, and just a little scared.

Spoilers Within

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Final Fantasy Type-0 – Pick a Card

Final Fantasy Type-0 HD is a game I’ve been meaning to get around to for a long time. I finally finished it a few weeks back on stream. I’ve been too busy with my spring anime reviews to get to this review for a while, but it’s time now!

Enter the world of Orience, a world protected by four mystical Crystals. The people of this world have gathered around these crystals, forming their civilizations around them and being shaped by the gifts they provide. For example Lorica, the Crystal-State of the Black Tortoise Crystal, is a nation whose military specializes in defensive tactics and their people are large and durable. The four Crystal-States have existed as long as recorded memory… until the Militesi Empire, utilizing their White Tiger Crystal, attempted a large war against both Lorica and Rubrum.

Our protagonists, known as Class Zero, are specially trained, and presumably genetically altered, soldiers under Rubrum’s flag. During this initial assault, Class Zero is called into action to save Rubrum’s Vermillion Bird Crystal… and that is where the story begins.

Class Zero
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