Ai-Kon Winterfest 2015 Post-Show

Winterfest, Ai-Kon’s annual mini-convention, happened this past weekend at the Delta Hotel. A smaller venue, to be certain… but hotels are certainly not a strange location for a convention to happen. In previous years, this scaled down event’s primary draw has been the calm and relaxing atmosphere which is something that is so rare for a convention. It’s been such a pleasant and peaceful break to spend a day surrounded by anime goodness. So I’ve been looking forward to Winterfest for a while – especially with how hectic the past few months have been.

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Monthly Recommendations – #JRPGMonth

I’m trying something a bit new. This month I won’t be doing separate weekly recommendations – in stead I’m going to do a single monthly recommendation post and simply update it with a new addition every week. This month’s theme is, of course, JRPGs. How could it be anything else, with #JRPGMonth here? Each week I’ll recommend two JRPGs – one mainstream one that I loved and one that is a bit more obscure, but just as fantastic.

So without any further ado… here are the first of my #JRPGMonth’s Monthly Recommendations!

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Blade’s Edge Update – March is #JRPGMonth

February, the longest feeling month of the year, has passed. Passed without so much as a ripple. The Order came out and was met with disappointment and poor reviews – as I expected – and the combination of poor early footage and an unfortunate early leak of the game led to me changing my mind about trying it. I posted a few anime reviews finishing off my Autumn anime review blitz after a bit of a delay due to some unfortunate health issues between both me and my wife. Oh, and I can’t forget the Playstation Vita’s third birthday which was celebrated by a rather impressive sale – which is still on for another couple of days by the way. But aside from that… not much happened. February passed, and will likely not be remembered.

But March will not suffer the same fate…

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Yuki Yuna is a Hero – The Price of Power

The Magical Girl genre has grown a lot lately. Between shows like the recent Fate spinoff “Prisma Illya” and the Madoka series, Magical Girl shows keep entering into more mature territory, despite still starring casts of young superheroines.

Yuki Yuna is a Hero continues that trend, with a cast of five young ladies who form a special club at their school called the ‘Hero Club’. The Hero Club’s goal is to help people around their community, and these four young ladies take to this task. But there’s a second, hidden goal that only the club’s president is aware of… and that is to save the world, quite literally.

Yuki Yuna cast

One day as the girls are at school, something strange happens. Time seems to stop and this strange, beautiful forest landscape appears covering up the world they know. As they stand there, in that weird and amazing landscape, the club president turns to them and reveals the truth. The truth that they have been chosen by their world’s deity, known as the Shinju, to be heroes. By using powers granted by the Shinju, they are to protect him from monsters who invade their lands through this strange forest landscape and that, if one of these monsters reaches him… their world will end.
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Weekly Recommendations – Twisted History

In honour of The Order: 1886’s Steampunk London setting, I’d like to recommend content that either draws from or provides a twist on history and myth.

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