Gate: Winning Their Hearts

Gate has a premise that has been done countless times before. Random mystical gateway opens up – in Japan, of course – and hostile forces appear. What makes Gate different is that we win. Handily. The initial invasion force gets utterly slaughtered (once the military responds anyways – at first, civilians suffer from this surprise attack) and then the Japanese government has to decide what to do about it.


Their decision? Send the Self-Defense Force beyond the gate and attempt to establish control. But what are they going to find on the other side, and how will this strange gate effect everything?

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Monthly Recommendations – Technical Mastery

This month, I’ve decided to highlight games and anime that show technical prowess in very specific, almost measurable ways. These might not be the best titles, but they show an impressive level of excellence in one or two specific ways that are worthy of note even if the entire package has flaws.

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Blade’s Edge Update – October

Apparently I completely missed it becoming October. That shows something, but I’m not quite sure what! So let’s get some info about what is to happen this month, and what’s happened last month.

October has Hallowe’en, the first games to come that I’m actually likely to buy in a while, the start of a really busy time in many ways, and the end of the summer anime season. September started a bit slow, but has rounded out to be really fast. This month I finished an amazing JRPG that I sadly missed last year, Fairy Fencer F, I’ve started my summer reviews with School-Live! and Classroom Crisis over the past week, and a Shadow’s Six list focused on the adorable characters that have stolen my heart over the past year and a half.

This is the start of what is likely to be a very busy month, with Hallowe’en, an anime season’s end, new game releases, and a convention…


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Classroom Crisis – Top of the Class

CoverThe Kirishina Corporation, one of the world’s leading aerospace engineering companies, was founded by members of the Kiryu and Shinamiya families. After successfully revolutionizing space travel while still in High School, Renichiro Shinamiya – the head of the Shinamiya family at the time of Kirishina’s founding – held the belief that combining existing technology with new ideas was the key to success. In pursuit of this ideal, he had the company establish the Advanced Technological Development Department, Educational Development Class – shortened to A-TEC thankfully as the redundancy would kill me otherwise.

All is not well though, in recent years A-TEC has become a financial liability and the current heads want to shut it down for various reasons. Which is, of course, the ‘Crisis’ referred to in the title. And Classroom Crisis is A-TEC’s story. The story of their fight to survive within the organization, and the story of some of the class’s primary figures: Kaito Sera, Mizuki Sera, Iris Shirizaki, and Nagisa Kiryu.

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School-Live! Classes for Life

School-Live! is an anime about Megurigaoka Private High School’s School Living club. The School Living club is comprised of four young ladies – Yuki, Kurumi, Yuri, and Miki – and their advisor Megumi Sakura (Megu-nee) and lives, eats, and sleeps at school. They have turned an unoccupied club room into a bedroom, they have their own kitchen, showers, and they use the school’s rooftop garden to help grow food.

If you haven’t watched at least the first episode of this show, I strongly recommend you stop reading here and go watch at least that far. This first episode contains a few really big story elements, and changes the show dramatically and reviewing it without spoiling the first episode would mean not giving an accurate depiction of the show as a whole. So I am writing this review under the assumption you have gotten that far.

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